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Welcome to our spring / summer property magazine!
 Colin Williams
In putting together this publication, we tried very hard not to fill it with “look how great we are” articles, instead, focusing on some interesting articles, some advertisements from local companies that we recommend and hope you find useful, and most importantly – some fantastic properties
for sale and rent!
the best features, or your situation as a seller or landlord? Alternatively, do the ranks of commission hungry post grads, keen to pay off their loan by hitting their targets care about who they send to view your home?
I know I’m sounding cynical but believe me – I’ve seen it! So, in 2010 I founded Williams of Petersfield, this area has been my home for many years, its where my heart is and its where I wanted to create a business that focuses exclusively on you – our customer. I have built a team that all live locally and have a tremendous amount of experience, My branch manager alone has been selling property in the local area for 30 years! We are not going to send 20 people looking round your home when 15 of them have been badgered into it and aren’t really suitable. We are not going to hassle you to accept the first offer that you receive (because we need to hit a target) when we believe there is more that can
be achieved.
So if you are considering selling or letting your home and not sure which agent to choose (and there are a lot of us!) then here is what we can offer you
Experience – Tons of it!
Knowledge – I like to think we know a thing or two!
Integrity – No flashy sales people here, just sound, honest advise.
Modern – we are investing heavily in our client management software, website and overall online presence.
Anyway , that’s quite enough about us, we hope you enjoy reading through our magazine, and enjoying everything this fine area has to offer!
Having said this, as the business owner, I hope you will indulge me this small space to blow our own trumpet a little!
Having spent nearly 20 years working for larger chain companies, I am all too familiar with the ‘production line estate agency’ that is so often prevalent. Its true to say that the larger a company gets, the more diluted their ‘personal service’ becomes, more and more, it becomes about targets
– How many properties have been listed this month?
– How many referrals to the in-house mortgage adviser have been made?
Or referrals to the surveyor, or to the solicitor, how many phone calls have been made today? And so on and so on. While this is all geared up to maximising profits, it becomes apparent that along the way, something has been left behind – you. The customer.
So is big really better? Does having multiple branches here there and everywhere really make a difference to the sale or rent of your property? The answer is no. I ask you this - does the salesperson sitting in an office 30 miles away know anything about your home, the street its in,
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