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                                    Dismantle and pack up the last of your essential items, such as beds and TV’s Brief your removals company
 Show the removers which items are going and staying
 Swap mobile numbers with the removers so you’re able to stay in contact
 Double check that the removers have directions to your new property
 Point out any items which require extra care
 Before leaving
 Check you haven’t left anything behind
 Have all paperwork and contact numbers relating to the move with you
 Upon arrival
 It is important to make sure that legal completion of your transaction has taken place so that you know that you are allowed to take occupancy of your new home
 Show the removers which rooms to put your items in
 Read the meters and check that the phone, gas, electricity and hot water are all working
 Make sure that any items included in the sale are there; if there is anything missing or damaged, contact your property solicitors
 Alert your surveyor if you discover any building faults that were missed in your property survey
Relax and celebrate!
By the end of your move day you’ll
be tired, so relax on the sofa, order a takeaway and celebrate your achievement and hard work over a drink.
- including those left with family/neighbours
 Arranging your gas and electricity supplies
 Take a note of your final meter readings
Make sure you have spoken to your  supplier and arranged your supply for
your new home.
 Arranging your gas and electricity supplies  Don’t forget to Write your Will...
Having gone through the long process of moving house, it is important to protect your new home and all of your possessions within it so check all insurance policys are updated.
  
Check all windows and doors are locked and the utilities are turned off
Make sure that legal completion of your transaction has taken place before allowing the new occupants into your home
 Collect your new keys
 Pick up the keys to your new home
 Prepare for the handover
 Round up all the keys to your home,
The British Association of Removers
Choosing a BAR Member will ensure your move goes smoothly, having the
peace of mind that comes from using a reputable, professional and safe remover, and in the unlikely event that some-thing goes wrong, you’ve got someone to turn to. BAR have of lots of useful information on their website, don’t forget to check this publication for your local moving expert.

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