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                                Moving Home
  As you get close to owning your new home, there are lots of things that you will need to do. To make this process a little easier we have put together this comprehensive checklist of things to do.
 4 Weeks before you move
 Order Boxes, labels and
packing materials
 Clear out unwanted items, take to charity shops, freecycle or take to the tip
 Go through your attic
 Go through the garage and shed
 2 Weeks before you move, once you have exchanged and have an agreed moving date.
 Gas Supplier
 Electricity Supplier
 Water Supplier
 Telephone
 Sky / Cable / On Demand Video Services
 Council Tax
 TV Licencing
 Broadband Supplier
 Car Insurance
 Bank / Building Society
 Credit and Store Cards  Loans
 Inland Revenue
 Accountant
 Pension Provider  Passport Office  Doctor
 Dentist
 Health Club
 Newspaper / Magazine Subscription
 2 Days before you move
 Speak to the selling Estate Agent and understand
the plan for keys
 Ask about any alarms on your new home and the code
 Pack the final things you don’t need in the next day
 Take down any lights and curtains you are taking with you
 The Big Day
Confirm final meter readings at the
 Post Office Redirection 
 Work
 Friends & Family 
 Boiler or Appliance Insurance
 1 Week before you move
 Empty and defrost your Freezer
 Pack everything you don’t need in the next week
 Re-Confirm your Removals Company or Van Hire reservations
 Make arrangements for Childcare or Pets
home you are leaving
Switch off Power and Water Supplies if your home is not being occupied straight away
 Lock all the windows and doors, leave window keys by the relevant window
 Drop the keys off at the Estate Agent
 Take meter readings at your new home

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