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 New Homes Sales - Our Brand Brings a New Angle
The Humberts land and new homes team works in conjunction with the Humberts office network to sell quality developments and pieces of land across the UK. Adam Phelps, who heads up
the team at Humberts, has been in the property industry for 20 years. His experience spans from estate agency, financial services
and new home sales, and he has
a true passion for realising land value, building and design. Adam says; “It very much helped having built my own house from the first spade in the ground to turning
the key in the door and selling it. One of the problems you can get between sales and construction is that neither really knows exactly what the other one does. Having that integration of knowledge gives an appreciation of both sides and managing expectations”.
The Land and New Homes Department has offices in London, Cirencester, Chippenham, Sevenoaks, Sherborne
and Southampton.
The team work in conjunction with trusted architects and planners to achieve great results from even the most challenging property footprints by advising
on all aspects of the development process, from early stage assessment through to completing the sales process on the last plot. With the main office hub in Southampton, team members travel and work from Humberts branches up and down the country to ensure each development /
new homes customer is serviced appropriately.
A common theme for the
most successful outcomes for our department has been early involvement, preferably from the first meeting with the customer, regardless if it’s one house or
a hundred.
Our brand brings a new angle to New Homes sales on sites both large and small, we are well thought of and with the
developer services package we
can now offer we are leading the way an innovative approach to sales and service. The smaller developer now has the same tools at their disposal as their larger counterparts giving them the ability to secure a plot reservation with the knowledge that the customer is being looked after and nurtured through the process by experienced and motivated staff.
  Additionally, we are a member of the Land and New Homes Network, a national alliance of leading estate agents enabling developers access to land opportunities from across the country. As a member, we work closely with developers and land owners throughout the UK to support their land acquisition requirements, site sales
and marketing.
 For more information please contact:
Adam Phelps
Head Land and New Homes
020 7594 4746
Natasha Williams
Regional Consultant New Homes
020 7594 4746

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