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Choosing a School
   Armed with Ofsted reports and league tables, a visit to the schools in the local area is the best way to make a decision as to where your child will best thrive.
You know your child – their strengths and weaknesses – if they are particularly good at sport or drama – will the school accommodate these qualities? How large are the class sizes and the total number of pupils? Will your child be a small fish in a big pond or a large fish in a small pond.
􏰀 Inspection and performance
 What do you want for your child?
To teach and accommodate pupils, UK schools must meet strict quality standards set by the UK government and other educational bodies. These standards cover the quality of teaching, accommodation, pupil welfare, facilities and more.
To check that schools are meeting these standards, they are inspected at least every three years for boarding, and every six for teaching quality. Between scheduled visits, inspection bodies will respond to complaints if necessary.
State school or fee­paying? Day or boarding school? Single sex or co­education? What do you want from the school? Undoubtedly you want to find a great school, one that's ideal for your child, with great teaching and ideally good facilities to match.

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