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You will be pleased to know that we have completely reorganised our Glentree Rentals department, which is now expertly run by the irrepressible and most competent Amit Soni and now includes Josh Sagal, who is a real ‘hungry lion’ of the industry.
Despite the challenging market which has been affected by some uncertainty surrounding Brexit, positively and negatively, we have been firing on all cylinders.
The market up to £ 1500/week has been steady, with a reasonable balance of new blue-chip tenants and properties for them to rent. Clearly, the properties which are modernised and in excellent condition are being snapped-up far more quickly, than others in less good order.
As a direct and positive result of Brexit, we now have the emergence of the ‘uber-tenant’ with resources to pay up to £ 50,000/week, for a landmark property in the locality. This is in sharp contrast to the state of affairs five years ago, where £ 10,000/week was the highest rental enquiry of any international tenant, regardless of the capital value of the property.
We believe, the reason for this is simple. Previously, if an International family were looking to buy a property, as a residence in London, for a five-year stay, this would cost them 20% of the purchase price in Stamp Duty/solicitor and agent’s fees. If instead, they reallocate this money, they can effectively have a rent-free period of 5 years, whilst they do not have to tie up their own capital for the purchase.
The net effect is that we have had more lettings enquiries in excess of £ 10,000/week, than any other time in our 43-year history.
As a direct benefit from the Glentree New Homes division, we are bristling with an exclusive array of exciting, newly built apartments and houses, in superb condition, to rent in all price ranges.
Examples: The Lexington, West Heath Place, Mountview Close, Hampstead Reach, The Beaumont/Ionic Court and Carmel Gate.
What is Glentree’s USP?
Since we work very hard to achieve the best results for our discerning landlords, our Global connections allow us the unique facility to procure blue-chip tenants of the highest quality, in all price ranges. These include, CEOs of multi-national companies, Presidents, Monarchs, Diplomats, Prime Ministers, International stars of stage and screen and iconic footballers, who will pay a full rent for the right property.
We set Gold Standards in the Lettings industry, as we hope anyone who has done business with us will testify. Our bespoke service is second-to-none and more importantly, our unique ability to get ‘tricky’ deals across the line, is well respected in our business.
So, if you have not used us before, then please give us a chance to ‘show you our mettle’, since we always deliver on our promises!
Why not pop-in to our local office, where we hope you will find the private car park at the rear very useful. We then can chat over coffee in our boardroom about the approximate value of your property and where the market is heading?
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