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The Glentree Rentals department has had a surprisingly busy year in spite of all the political and economic uncertainty. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which, property values have been going down of late, there is a new enthusiasm for the renting of property from many quarters.
Whilst your own Capital can be invested independently, renting provides great flexibility for short to medium term housing accommodation. Also, a number of our elderly clients are selling their existing property and renting permanently so that they can distribute some of their capital to family members, in order to thwart changes to inheritance tax, particularly with the spectre of a Corbyn-led government, looming.
As mentioned in the ‘Forward’, we are witnessing the emergence of an ‘uber-tenant’ who will pay up to £ 50,000/ per week for a Super Mansion. Some of these, hitherto, were former potential buyers and due to the draconian Stamp Duty regime in this country, they’re discovering that if they were to rent, rather than buy, the 20% or so fees/tax, will in effect, pay for their rent for up to 5 years. They do not need to be responsible for the upkeep of the property (which is the landlord’s liability) whilst their capital can be invested elsewhere. If there is a change of Government and Mansion/Wealth tax/exchange controls imposed, by them renting, will avoid this risk Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum).
If a seller has sold their property, by renting it is an ideal interim measure until the next property is found. Having the cash in the bank, provides the most flexible opportunity for them to pounce on a bargain, as and when, the right property emerges.
As a direct benefit from our Glentree New Homes division, we have a steady stream of exclusive, exciting, newly built apartments and houses, in superb condition, to rent both in the super prime and core markets.
Examples: The Lexington, West Heath Place, Mountview Close, Hampstead Reach, The Beaumont and Carmel Gate.
What is Glentree’s USP?
Since we work very hard to achieve the best results for our discerning landlords, our Global connections nurtured over 40 years of trading, allow us the unique facility to procure blue-chip tenants of the highest quality, in
all price ranges. These include, CEOs of multi-national companies, Presidents, Monarchs, Diplomates, Prime Ministers, International stars of stage and screen and iconic footballers.
We set Gold Standards in the Lettings industry, as we hope anyone who has done business with us will testify. Our bespoke service is second-to-none and more importantly, our unique ability to get ‘tricky’ deals across the line, is well respected in our business.
With regulations constantly being updated the Glentree Rentals team are always undergoing training to ensure that we can advise our clients with the most up to date legislation of the industry.
We are proud members of the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (Propertymark/ARLA) and ensure that we uphold the highest standard of service.
If you have not used us before, then please give us a chance to ‘show you our mettle’, since we always deliver on our promises!
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