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                                               Calling in the Lawyers
At Bective Leslie Marsh, we want to do everything we can to see you moving into your new home as soon as possible. We consistently achieve an above industry standard conversion rate for sales deals (agreed to exchange and completed) but it doesn’t end there. We all know that buying and selling a property can be a stressful time of your life and instructing a good solicitor can be a critical step in the process so that is why we have asked our legal friends John and Doug to answer a few questions about navigating the legals.
 Partners from the London based law firm; Lewis Townsend LLP, the two were originally senior solicitors working in City Firms and keen to bring a refreshing new approach
to Residential Conveyancing. Taking the plunge in 2015
to set up the firm with Commercial Partner Steve Lewis, they now run a property team of seven working across prime private property and developments across London. The team prides itself on strong client relationships, good communication and top notch legal advice.
John hails from BLM territory, living with his wife and daughter in West London so it’s only natural that since their launch in 2015 they have picked up the pace on working with clients in the area.
 We asked a few of those burning tricky legal questions that we hear often:
How do solicitors charge?
John: Most solicitors charge for their time and in residential conveyancing a Solicitor will normally offer a fixed fee for this so that you know what you’re paying. This fee is based on the time the solicitor will spend buying or selling the Property. Cheaper quotes tend to mean less time for you and less service. As one of the biggest investment of your life, this isn’t something you want to scrimp on.
You need your solicitors to give you enough time to be available, contactable and fixed on getting the right deal for you.
What does the work entail?
Doug: Essentially we conduct a legal
investigation into the property you are buying to make sure everything is in order. We liaise with agents and surveyors and act for your bank. We take care of negotiating any issues and challenges that may come up and we will handle all the finances.
What are the common challenges you see in the properties you deal with in London?
John: A large proportion of London properties are leasehold and therefore we often find ourselves resolving issues regarding the remaining length of lease for the land on which the property sits.
A lease with less than 85 years needs to be looked at carefully to consider extending the same; if selling a leasehold property, it can take some time to collate all the information about the management and running of the building that a buyer will want to see, so the quicker the process can be started, the better.
Doug: Specifically in London, the pace of the transaction and the timings for completion are also more challenging, due to much higher property values which often mean that there is less room for negotiation and that client circumstances are a little tighter.
Why should buyers and vendors choose a firm like Lewis Townsend?
John: We pride ourselves on our great customer service and have become known for our personal approach offering excellent communication and a responsive legal team. When you’re spending such a large sum of your hard earned money, these values can’t be underestimated, especially in London where deals require more unique property and geographical knowledge and tend to have a quicker pace of transaction.
We’re committed to keeping our business about relationships and helping our clients every step of the way.
Doug: Earlier this year we were acting for a couple who were expecting twins, it was a race against time to get them into their new home in time for the arrival of their babies. Buying a property is a big step in most people’s lives and we are here to help make that process as stress free and personal as possible and this is the part of the job we love. I’m not sure how technology can beat that.
How long does the process take?
John: Usually 6 -12 weeks but we’ll strive to do everything we can to get you moving when it suits. We have done deals in less than 24 hours when needed.
Finally, what are your thoughts on London and the market changes we are seeing?
John: London is simply the best city on earth. Of course, there are political and economic uncertainties, especially at the moment but London always endures. We have a good global perspective and the London market is seen both in the UK and internationally as a great place to live and invest.
As Mark Twain said, ‘Buy land, they’re not making any more of it’.
You can read more about Doug, John and Lewis Townsend by visiting their website at:
 For a quote or a chat you can email or call the team on or call 0207 993 2161

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