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                                                                     A boutique insurance broker Working in partnership with Bective Leslie Marsh
A broker you can trust
A personal experience Service excellence
An effortless relationship A unique approach Financial security
A team of devoted professionals
Integrity. Experience and World Class Service
    ““Keith Rigby explains why it’s important to use a high quality insurance broker”
“We’ve had a number of situations in the past where Vizion have worked their magic to save a property sale. One example is where the vendors property was suffering from subsidence and they hadn’t got any insurance to cover it, a very difficult situation to resolve. George Seatter,a Founding Partner atVizion,was able to place cover that allowed the sale to go through without a hitch. In another example, a client was having extensive works carried out at their property but hadn’t notified their insurance company.Vizion were able to step in and quickly find an alternative insurer who specialised in the more affluent homes and
completely understood the risk. Had the client not been properly advised, there could easily have been a nasty claim that wouldn’t have been covered.
Vizion are experts at dealing with top end homes and contents and we can’t recommend them highly enough.” ”
Keith Rigby - Director - Bective Leslie Marsh

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